SilverFlame broadheads consistently pursue the principle of the single or two-bladed broadhead as one has known them for thousands of years.

My goal is to produce a broadhead with which the bowhunter does not even need to concern himself with the ability to perform, if in place of a skinny deer suddenly a massive hog comes into sight and/or if the impact angle of the arrow by a sudden movement of the game is no longer ideal.

Here by any means the effectiveness is not to be questioned regarding by multi-bladed broadheads. Up to certain game strengths and outside of critical hunting situations, three and multi-bladed broadheads have quite their target-ballistic validation. Innumerable successful hunts confirm this fact.

Unfortunately there is however certain critical hunting situations, in which always everything does not work according to plan and some crucial inches of penetration, are lacking, in order to cause a fast humane death of the game. A multiplicity of cutting blades does not help in these instances, if the vital zone is not reached or is not completely penetrated. In its wake a hurt creature remains, with perhaps some unwanted public resentment, not to mention a very disappointed hunter. Please consider that a two-blader has to break the bone due to the straight aligning blade arrangement only once, in order to produce a gap for the arrow shaft. A three-blader has to do this repeatedly three times.

We do not regard broadheads as throw-away articles !!
They should be a high-quality, dependable tool, same as the bow, the arrows or the hunting knife!!
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