German Kinetics

Original German Kinetics SilverFlames Broadheads

We are proud to provide you again with the real original Silverflame broadheads invented in 2003 by Markus Gross.

Redneck Point, Thuringia, Germany took over sales, distribution and manufacturing. Ingo Kuhn, the owner, is a professional German Gunsmith and does the final assembly and quality inspection himself. He is a avid bowhunter and knows the quality is most important. Markus Gross is still on board and responsible for design and development

Highest Quality Materials and absolute German precision in machining the parts ensure bowhunters hardware at highest quality level. We deliver the parts with the sharpnes and hardness and precision that lasts and the quality that enables you to fulfil your bowhunter's dreams.

Shortnings will be overcome soon and we will be able to fulfil all orders by end of Juli. Sales routes, prices will remain the same.

We understand your needs and will fulfil your desires. 

Real Made in Germany. All parts, material and assembly.


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