German Kinetics SilverFlame Broadheads 100grain 3-pack

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German Kinetics SilverFlame Broadheads 100grain 3-pack

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German Kinetics SilverFlame Broadheads 100grain 3-pack

Original German Kinetics SilverFlame broadheads consistently pursue the principle of the single or two-bladed broadhead as one has known them for thousands of years.
Our goal is to produce a broadhead with which the bowhunter does not even need to concern himself with the ability to perform, if in place of a skinny deer suddenly a massive hog comes into sight and/or if the impact angle of the arrow by a sudden movement of the game is no longer ideal.
Here by any means the effectiveness is not to be questioned regarding by multi-bladed broadheads. Up to certain game strengths and outside of critical hunting situations, three and multi-bladed broadheads have quite their target-ballistic validation. Innumerable successful hunts confirm this fact.


    Convex cut-on-contact geometry
    High-grade knife steel 440B
    Subzero-quenched, 55-57 HRC
    Cutting diameter 1 1/8’’
    Superior blade thickness 0,055''
    Replaceable & resharpenable


    Aircraft aluminum 7075 T6
    Tensile strength 540N/mm²
    Convex shaped tip
    CNC-manufactured, razor sharp honed


    Stainless Steel TORX screws

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